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professional social media

5 Reasons to Keep Your Personal and Professional Social Media Separate

Most people enjoy using social media accounts. Therefore, it's tempting to use your existing social media profiles for business use. Brand accounts are different...
Kevin Hancockvideo

The 3 Truths Leaders Need to Acknowledge in Preparation for Future Downturns

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many leaders have had to pivot their teams, office environments, protocols, and projections. Some have had the benefit...
remote team motivation

Online Work Meetings Are Tiring: Three Ways to Keep Your Team Energized

Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings are imperative when your team is remote (by design or by necessity). But anyone who has spent hours a...
black-owned business

Ford and the National Urban League Partner to Support Black-Owned Businesses During COVID-19

Small businesses play a significant role in the economic success of the United States. A thriving ecosystem for small businesses speaks to the health...
remote working technology

3 Ways Technology Can Help SMBs In Our New Remote Reality

Life as an SMB is more challenging than ever before. Not only are these companies faced with the typical issues of managing consistent growth...