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venture capital

Why We Need More Women Investing in Women-Owned Businesses

Women own four out of every ten businesses in the United States, and in total female entrepreneurs own 12.3 million businesses in the country....
Darrah Brusteinvideo

Network Under 40’s Darrah Brustein on Staying Motivated, Networking, and Working with Deepak Chopra

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for the confidence to get your business started, well look no further. On today’s show, we welcome serial...
intangible skills

10 Intangible Skills Entrepreneurs Must Seek in Employees

The value of an employee goes beyond measurable skills. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you cannot just hire people for what...
traditional banks

Where Do We Go From Here? Traditional Banks vs. Financial Technology

Finance is not a new market, not even close. Next to the world's other "oldest profession" it stands as one of the oldest markets...
summer interns

Hiring Summer Interns? Here’s How to Attract Good Interns for Your Business

Getting a summer intern, or two or three, for your business could be an enormous win-win on both ends of the deal. For the...