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8 Helpful Tips To Reduce Distractions In Your Small Business

All kinds of things can cause a distraction at your workplace. Everything from excessive noise to unnecessary meetings can reduce the productivity and efficiency...
multicultural marketing

Multicultural Marketing in 2021: Strategy, Best Practices, and Campaigns

Multicultural marketing is changing the face of the world as Gen Z is a diverse generation. The modern-day consumer belongs to a wide array...
company culture

Leadership and the Art of Creating a Company Culture

Leadership plays a fundamental role in creating a great organizational culture. You can be a leader as far as you have authority or influence...
Ramona Long

How This Franchise Owner is Helping Local Businesses Acquire More Customers

Welcome to another episode of Atlanta Franchise Today with host Leslie Kuban, expert franchise consultant and owner of FranNet Atlanta. This original ASBN series is dedicated...
business owner

How to Pay Yourself as a Small Business Owner

Paying yourself as a small business owner depends on various factors, including business structure and its stage of growth. It may not be in...