1. Some really good social networking points there. Don’t criss-cross the personal side and business side.

    If your name and the business name are the same, do you know of any good way of denoting the difference to someone who is searching? As in, JimBobPersonal or JimBobInc or something like that?

    I actually am coming across this very thing right now for a client and social marketing is a little new to me but just rolling with it. So I was reading up on the first steps to setting up a business Instagram account over on https://thinkbigreview.com/how-to-start-instagram-marketing-in-5-easy-steps/ and they do say to switch the Instagram profile to a business one. Would that come up differently in searches maybe?

    Funny enough, I think although these are internet and social related, these are not technically new issues. As in, people in the real world as a CEO have the same sort of issues.


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