In between the vacations, beach visits, and festivals, there are still opportunities to further your brand and the reach of your small business. Atlanta has tons of coworking spots and business affinity groups that are hosting events to help you hone your business plan, nail your pitch, network with potential partners or investors, or provide general management tips. Get some shelter from the sweltering southern sun, and check out these small business events below.

Startup Chowdown and Pitch Practice
Location: The Atlanta Tech Village
Date: Every Friday

The Atlanta Tech Village hosts an end-of-the-week networking event for tech startup owners to network with innovators, entrepreneurs, and other influencers in Atlanta’s tech startup ecosystem. After sharing a meal with attendees, participants can then test their business pitch skills during the coworking space’s Pitch Practice event. Participants can look forward to feedback and advice from their peers.

Zen for Entrepreneurs
Location: Flatiron City
Date: July 10th

Running a business can be one of the most stressful things an individual will ever do. The fear of establishing and maintaining success can bring on feelings of impostor syndrome and anxiety. How can entrepreneurs remain in a state of peace while facing stressful circumstances? Zen for Entrepreneurs, a workshop ran by Bliss in Me Meditation, seeks to help business owners drive their stress levels down. The event will include meditation, and the teaching of techniques to business owners maintain peace of mind and mental wellness.

Three Advanced Strategies to Explode Your Referral Business
Location: Keller Williams Atlanta Midtown
Date: July 12th

One of the most stressful parts of running a business is ensuring there is enough business to go around. Every small business owner can experience fluctuations in their business dealings. However, some strategies can help increase referrals that can encourage a lift in leads. Keller Williams, a well-known real estate franchise, is offering a free seminar to help business owners grow their leads through referrals. Even if you are thriving, it is never a bad idea to take advantage of tips to increase or maintain business leads.

Customer Discovery Tools
Location: Atlanta Technology Development Center
Date: July 17th

One of the most effective techniques for solidifying your audience is creating a profile or persona of your potential customers. This can seem a bit daunting if you have never had the chance to do this. The Customer Discovery Tools workshop by ATDC aims to help entrepreneurs by working with them to develop tools to establish their customer base. Entrepreneurs will interview potential customers, as well as build a persona of customers they are planning to target.

Village Workshop: Advanced SEO Tactics
Location: Atlanta Tech Village
Date: July 17th

As a small business owner, you likely already understand the importance of stellar SEO practices. You cannot gain any leads online if your site is not ranked high enough for potential customers to visit it. This course addresses the new techniques Google is using to index sites, and how entrepreneurs can prepare for it. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of Google’s latest indexing shifts, examples of high performing sites, tips for producing and evaluating excellent content, and tools to improve your website.

Startup Funding 101: How to Raise Money for Your Idea in Atlanta
Location: THRIVE Coworking
Date: July 24th

The Founder Institute is hosting a beginner-level workshop for those who are interested in learning how to raise money for their business idea. The workshop covers topics related to creating a “fundable” company, making the company attractive to investors, utilizing online fundraising networks, and gaining various types of funding (family, angel investors, and government loans). The event will also feature stories from entrepreneurs who were able to secure financing successfully.

Final Thoughts

From creating an effective marketing plan to securing business funding, July has a lot to offer when it comes to finding courses or events to help you establish your small business. July is usually a month for fun and vacationing (which should still happen), but don’t forget to take the time to invest in your entrepreneurial future. As a nice bonus, many of the events above are free or affordably priced (even for nonmembers). So, take advantage of these opportunities above to further your enterprise.