6 Signs That You’re A Bad Boss

worst boss

A bad boss does not automatically translate into a bad person. Heading a department, business unit or company is a daunting task that needs sharp management skills. Many people at the top believe that they are giving the best. You may, however, want to check if you are a good boss. If the points below describe you, then you may need to change some things as a manager.

  1. You hardly miss working for fear that things will go wrong

The business or the company needs to run whether you are in or not. When you are on vacation and your phone cannot stop ringing as you have to approve every move and decision in your company, rethink your management style. A good leader should delegate and mentor other people to be like him or better. Putting systems in place helps empower other people to perform tasks. An individual’s absence should never stagnate the company operations.

  1. Threatened by others’ successes

People are different in many ways and have varied strengths. No one comes as a complete package, hence why organizations emphasize on teamwork. A good boss should encourage others to thrive in what they are best at without trying to suppress them. You do not shine brighter by putting off another workers’ light. If you do not create platforms for your juniors to excel or you get stressed when their good work is noticed, you are a terrible boss.

  1. High employee turnover in your team

Uncomfortable workers are always on the lookout for other opportunities when working with an annoying boss. If you often have to deal with resignations and recruitment, there is something wrong you are doing. Check your leadership style.

  1. You are unapproachable

Employees will warm up to someone who is approachable and accommodating. No one wants an encounter with a toxic person when avoidable. If you allow your emotions to rage wild and are not sensitive to your colleagues, you get limited company. One sure way of knowing that you are a bad boss is when you get to hear many things through other means, as no one is willing to inform you.

  1. You pay late

Late payment is a morale sucker. No one wishes to work with someone who does not honor prompt payment. It is inconveniencing and may be costly to the employee with bills, which in some cases attract late penalties. If you have a habit of remitting employees dues late for whatever reason, rest assured you are not on their list of favorite persons.

  1. You are always right

Regardless of your level of education and experience, there is still something that you do not know. Puffed-up individuals are not teachable. A ‘know it all’ attitude is annoying, as it makes you frustrate people under you who know something that you do not know. Do a self-assessment and check the last time you heeded advise, implemented a junior’s idea, or applauded others for an enlightening input.

Dealing with people is a challenge, leading is a bigger one. As a boss, you should seek to improve management skills on a regular basis. With the points above, you can do a self-check to evaluate if your leadership skills are wanting.