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Kimberly is a seasoned investigational journalist for Atlanta Small Business Network.
House of Representatives

JOBS Act 3.0 Passes in the House, Potentially Fueling Small Businesses

Tuesday night, the United States Chamber of Commerce released a statement indicating that the House of Representatives had passed the JOBS Act 3.0, which...

Atlanta’s New Frontier: A Thriving Hub for Innovation

The former chief operating officer for the U.S. Economic Development Administration, Brian McGowan, stated that all of the corporations establishing innovation hubs in Atlanta...
Facebook training

Facebook to Provide Digital Skills Training to 1 Million People Small Business Owners

In 2017, the Small Business Association (SBA) reported that there were almost 30 million small businesses in the United States employing almost 58 million...
improve your health

Protecting Your Success: Four Ways to Improve Your Health as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, your most crucial asset is your health. Regardless of how many investors you may have or the profit you bring in...
digital marketing

Digital Marketing Trends for Small Business Owners to Master in 2019

It’s no surprise that newspaper ads and TV spots just don’t work like they used to. And with adblockers like AdBlock on more and...
tech trends

5 Top Tech Trends Influencing the Future of Your Small Business in 2019

If you want to be sure your small business isn't made redundant by technology, it is imperative you understand trends influencing the future of...
Business RadioXvideo

Sharing Your Small Business Story On Demand – Mike Sammond, Business RadioX

Finding investors and potential customers for your new startup is no easy task. However, having your small business featured on the right platform can...
flexible work

Can You Trust Employees to Work Flexibly?

Millennials have quickly become the largest segment of the workforce. This generation born roughly between 1981 and 1996 are expected to make up 50...