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Kimberly is a seasoned investigational journalist for Atlanta Small Business Network.
House of Representatives

JOBS Act 3.0 Passes in the House, Potentially Fueling Small Businesses

Tuesday night, the United States Chamber of Commerce released a statement indicating that the House of Representatives had passed the JOBS Act 3.0, which...

Atlanta’s New Frontier: A Thriving Hub for Innovation

The former chief operating officer for the U.S. Economic Development Administration, Brian McGowan, stated that all of the corporations establishing innovation hubs in Atlanta...
Facebook training

Facebook to Provide Digital Skills Training to 1 Million People Small Business Owners

In 2017, the Small Business Association (SBA) reported that there were almost 30 million small businesses in the United States employing almost 58 million...

The Long Road To Building A Business – Chad Shearer, Caren West PR

ASBN is joined by Chad Shearer, the co-founder, and COO of Caren West PR. Chad has developed his PR company into a major player...

6 Ways to Establish Yourself as a Powerful Influencer

There is always something to be gained by becoming an influencer, regardless of your actual industry. It's far easier to get a lot of...

Capitalizing on the Buyer Journey: A Step-By-Step Plan for Creating a Sales Funnel

To truly understand how to capitalize on the buyer journey, think about the last time you bought something. What was your process? Did you...

Why Is Online Brand Protection Important For Businesses?

The vast majority of people research products and services and make purchases online rather than in traditional bricks-and-mortar stores. In other words, it's the...

Invest in Your Employees with Proper Training – LaSonya Berry

On this episode of The Atlanta Small Business Show, LaSonya Berry, CEO of McPherson Berry and Associates joins ASBN's Bridget Fitzpatrick to share the importance of training...