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Ken has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, although he took a few detours before choosing to work full time on his own businesses. After earning a BA Marketing from the University of Utah, Ken spent several years working in the car business and honing his business skills. During that time, Ken was constantly dabbling in the world of online marketing and e-commerce. Eventually, circumstances allowed him to leave his job and start his own business. Now he owns 2 businesses centered around online marketing and e-commerce and has witnessed the evolution of this ever-growing industry. Ken currently lives with his wife and four kids in St. George, Utah.
pay invoices

How to Get Your Clients to Pay Invoices On Time

As a small to medium sized business owner, you understand that cash flow is everything. While a big number on your receivables line does...

The Importance of Providing the Up-to-Date Tools for Employees

Most organizations devote a lot of resources to attracting and retaining the best talent. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to devote the same attention to...
affiliate marketing

10 Low-Investment Business Startup Ideas with No Inventory Requirements

1. Affiliate Marketing There are numerous ways to make money sitting behind a computer from the comfort of your own home. First, you need to...
liability insurance

What Types of Insurance are Best for Your Small Business?

The world of insurance can be confusing and overwhelming. You work hard for your business to succeed, and insurance is there to protect you...
customer surveys

How to Properly Conduct Customer Surveys

Customer satisfaction is essential to the success of your business. It is important to understand what your customers are thinking, and how you can...

Becoming a CEO: Areas to Focus on as You Rise to the Top

As small businesses grow, the need arises for more layers of management. Oftentimes, the founder of the business becomes the CEO by default. Sometimes...

How a Chinese Trade War Could Affect Small Business

Love him or hate him, Pres. Donald J. Trump doesn’t hesitate to take action. With a heavy focus on securing borders and bringing jobs...
lead by example

Lead by Example for Business Success

As a business owner and manager of people, you have a lot of pressure to make things happen. You rely heavily on those under...
American dream

Two-Thirds of Americans Dream of Opening a Small Business

A recent UPS Store Survey indicates that an overwhelming 66 percent of respondents dream of opening a small business. The survey was part of...

Facebook Supports Small Businesses in Atlanta

Good news for Atlanta small businesses. Facebook has announced that Atlanta will be one of 30 markets to host Facebook’s “Community Boost” program. The...