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Chanell is an Investigative Journalist for ASBN that resides in Atlanta

The Art of Staying Focused: Five Ways for Selecting Your Best Business Idea

We live in a world that embraces 24-7 information sharing. Social media puts everyone’s ideas, strategies, and thoughts on display, while blogs and articles...

11 Tips for Organizing Your Year-End Records and Minimizing Your Taxes

Being self-employed is an adventure, but dealing with your taxes shouldn't be. As the end of the year approaches, it is time to get...

Where to Learn, Network, and Seek Funding: Atlanta’s Startup Resources

Atlanta has become a vibrant ecosystem for startup owners. Over the past decade, many organizations, universities, and corporations have embraced the “startup culture” and...

Recognizing Stagnancy in Your Employees and 4 Ways to Address it

Maybe it was the lag in sales, or it could have been the gradual decline in performance, but somewhere along the line, you could...
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Four Essential Tips for Networking with Investors (And Where to Meet Them in Atlanta)

Congratulations! You have an excellent idea that you are ready to mold into a startup. You’ve found your co-founder, started the process of creating...
small business saturday

Small Business Saturday Is Rapidly Approaching: Here are Five Ways to Take Advantage

As the Thanksgiving Holiday makes it presence known, most shoppers and small business owners have only one special shopping day on their mind: “Black...
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Five Things Your Company Should Be Doing Now to Prepare for the New Year

To say that 2018 has flown by would be an understatement. Most of you likely feel it was yesterday that the ball dropped at...
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Five Atlanta Business Influencers You Should Follow on Twitter

There are a lot of writers, bloggers, and experts that have a lot to say about starting and sustaining a business. However, the best...
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Ten Innovative and Out-of-The-Box New Businesses in Metro Atlanta

Atlanta is no longer just known as the stomping ground of old-school behemoths like CNN and Coca-Cola. The city has risen —much like its...
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Five Ways to Prepare Your Small Business for Recession Survival

During times when the economy is on the upswing —like right now—it is easy to forget the cyclical nature of markets. They are almost...

The Hype: The Rise of Atlanta Corporate Innovation Centers

The Atlanta tech startup scene continues to grow and thrive as more innovative ventures set up shop in the metro area. In fact, Forbes...

5 Ways to Turbocharge Your Productivity as an Entrepreneur

Important choices need to be made. The staff requires your attention. Product designs need to be approved and marketing proofs need to be reviewed....

The State of Startups: What It Is Really Like to Run a Startup Today

Does it seem like technology startups have become increasingly popular over the years? If so, it is not your imagination. A 2017 study revealed...

The Importance of Networking as an Entrepreneur

No matter how great your business idea may be, its success depends on one very important factor: other people. You can get all the...
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Rand Fishkin: Expert SEO and Content Marketing Tactics For Your Small Business

Knowing how to properly manage SEO is crucial to your small business's digital marketing strategy. It determines how easy you are to find on...