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cash flow

5 Cash Flow Management Mistakes That Will Sink a Small Business

Starting a business is a rewarding experience for an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, most new businesses don't survive more than five years. However, there is one...

3 Powerful New Social Media Tools for Small Businesses

Are you a business owner attempting to grow your customer base via social media marketing? Are you using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,...
employee engagement

4 Keys to Improving Employee Engagement

Employee engagement, a key ingredient of business performance, is a concept that's difficult to grasp, even more difficult to measure and impossible to achieve...
press coverage

Steps to Gain Press Coverage for Small Businesses

If you are trying to build a start-up or own a small business, you probably know how important it is to attract new customers...
recruiting candidates in Atlanta

New to the Recruiting Process? Try These 5 Techniques to Find Great Candidates

Nowadays, the numbers of jobs are proportionately less compared to the number of people who want them. This should be great news for recruiters...