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Atlanta Business Law Today is brought to you by the Atlanta-based law firm of Berman Fink Van Horn, specializing in business law since 1997. This program brings you the latest developments, news, best practices, and regulations for small businesses in and around the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Founder Focusvideo

Founder Focus: How Andrew Gordon Built his Successful Startup, Dealer Science

Welcome to the first episode of Founder Focus with Steve Greenfield, an ASBN original series that focuses on the journies of some amazing founders. In...

Atlanta FinTech Startup Greenlight Becomes Latest Unicorn with $1B Valuation

Greenlight Financial Technology has had a tremendous amount of growth recently, and the company is now valued at over a billion dollars. The Atlanta-based...

The Art of Staying Focused: Five Ways for Selecting Your Best Business Idea

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHWG6RLVLKc] We live in a world that embraces 24-7 information sharing. Social media puts everyone’s ideas, strategies, and thoughts on display, while blogs and...
Alma Coffeevideo

The Atlanta Small Business Profile – Harry Hutchins, Alma Coffee

On this week's episode of the Atlanta Small Business Profile, host Ted Jenkin catches up with Harry Hutchins, Co-Owner of Alma Coffee. From the...

The Essential Rules of Phone and Email Etiquette for Your Office

Business communications are a totally different animal than just a decade ago. Former methods of communication included snail mail and telephone with just a...