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Neil Patelvideo

Neil Patel on Digital, Social, and Content Marketing Trends and Insights for 2019

We’re excited to welcome to the show one of the most recognized influencers in marketing today, Neil Patel. He has an impressive reach of...

From Events to Podcasts, Inspirational Resources for Female Entrepreneurs

More and more women have begun venturing into the business realm to become prominent entrepreneurs in a wide range of fields. From marketing and...
summer interns

Hiring Summer Interns? Here’s How to Attract Good Interns for Your Business

Getting a summer intern, or two or three, for your business could be an enormous win-win on both ends of the deal. For the...

Georgia Announces Small Business Week to Celebrate the Achievements Made by Small Businesses

It comes as no surprise that small businesses are a huge asset to local economies. They create jobs, bring money to their communities, and...

Ways to Make Your Blogs Optimized for Lead Generation

It is widely recognized that content marketing and SEO share a close relationship. It is the prime reason why most businesses these days are...