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selling your businessvideo

Looking to Sell Your Company? Here are the Next Steps – Ted Jenkin

Today on the Atlanta Small Business Show we're joined once again by Ted Jenkin, CEO and founder of oXYGen Financial. In this segment we...

Are These 4 Mistakes Hurting Your Google AdWords Campaigns?

If you've ever run pay-per-click ads on Google AdWords, then you can probably attest to the initial frustration that can come when you first...
recession proof

Five Ways to Prepare Your Small Business for Recession Survival

During times when the economy is on the upswing —like right now—it is easy to forget the cyclical nature of markets. They are almost...
online sales

SEO Tips For Online Marketplace Platforms

Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and even Alibaba all have one huge thing in common: They're all run by optimized search engines trying to find the...

What Does it Mean to Be a Maverick? 3 Leadership Lessons from John McCain

When John McCain died, scores of praise for the "maverick" politician spread across the internet. But what exactly made McCain such a maverick leader?...