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gig economy

Four Ways Your Small Business Can Leverage the Gig Economy

Thirty-five percent of the U.S. workforce is engaged in the gig economy as freelancers, according to a 2016 study commissioned by Upwork and the...

How Technology is Changing the Way We Hire Employees

Technology is changing everything from the cars we drive to the ways we gather and share information; innovation has had a particular impact on...
Southern Baked Pie Companyvideo

Atlanta Small Business Profile – Amanda Wilbanks, Southern Baked Pie Company

 On this week's episode of the Atlanta Small Business Profile, our host, Ted Jenkin, caught up with Amanda Wilbanks, CEO of Southern Baked Pie...
development project

Four New Atlanta Development Projects That Impact the Business Ecosystem

As the rankings have down, entrepreneurship and innovation in Atlanta are on the rise. More and more startup and small business owners are making...
strategic planning

Effective Strategic Planning for Small Businesses at the Midyear Point

We recently closed out the 1st half of the year and many small businesses are currently in the process of forecasting for the balance...