Contrary to what you might believe, Atlanta is a remote work hub. According to Forbes, Atlanta was number one for job-seekers who were searching for telecommuter positions. The traffic and long commute times would make any professional want to retreat from the office. However, while some remote workers choose to work from home, many enjoy working in a public place without the sometimes-high fees of a co-working facility. Coffee shops have long been a staple for remote workers seeking a break from isolation. Atlanta is full of them, but every coffee shop isn’t made for the career location independent worker. So, with a little help from Yelp —and a personal visit or two—here are some of the best remote work friendly coffee shops in the Metro Atlanta area.

Joe’s East Atlanta Coffee Shop

East Atlanta/Kirkwood

I have had the opportunity to work at this location a few times, and it is definitely made with the remote worker in mind. While from the first steps inside, it looks like it could be cramped, visitors will notice ample desk space in the windows as well as vintage couches, tables and desks strewed throughout the shop. There is much natural light from the huge front windows and a good number of outlets placed in the center of the shop. Local art covers the walls to give off an arthouse vibe, and the chatter is always kept toward a minimum as most customers are hard at work. Joe’s East Atlanta Coffee Shop is local staple located in the East Atlanta Village shopping area. There is ample free parking in the area’s center lot, so patrons will not have to worry about where to put their cars.

Revelator Coffee Shop – Formerly Octane

Downtown Atlanta/Grant Park

This is another co-work staple I have had the privilege to attend recently. Much like Joe’s East Atlanta Coffee Shop, most of the noise that can be heard is the keyboard strokes of diligent location-independent workers. There are a few community tables along with smaller tables meant for one. For those who may feel the inside is a bit too cramped, there are tables located on the outside of the restaurant as well. Those who like to eat while they work will enjoy the collection of croissants, homemade oatmeal, pastries, coffee, and tea. However, those who come should be sure to get there early as the only spots with outlets are a few tables against the wall, and parking is scarce.

Boulder Creek Coffee


If you are looking for a “home away from home” vibe, Boulder Creek Coffee is it. It has one of the earliest openings time at 7:00 am and is connected to a bookstore. Guests rave about the quality of their Counter Culture coffee, relaxing music choices, outdoor seating, and overall comfortable vibe. Guests can take advantage of Downtown Lawrenceville’s public parking which is a short walk from the shop. There is a good number of larger tables as well as smaller booths for those seeking privacy. Yelp reviewers also noted the great number of outlets and extension cords, so remote workers should be right at home.

Refuge Coffee


This location also has an excellent early opening time at 7:00 am. Refuge Coffee is located at the heart of the revived downtown Clarkston area. All treats, as well as the coffee itself, are sold out of the food truck that is right outside the indoor seating area, and there is an ample amount of outdoor and indoor seating. Refuge Coffee has a very similar vibe to Joe’s East Atlanta Coffee Shop as a variety of couches, community tables, and desk cover the indoor seating area. Not only can remote workers go here for a relaxing work day, but they can also feel confident they are doing good since a lot of the money made from the items sold go to support programs that help refugee communities in the area. Depending on the time, parking can be scarce, so it is good to get to this location early.

Crazy Love Coffeehouse


If there were ever an expert blend of modernity and southern comfort, Crazy Love Coffeehouse would be the representation. Vintage armchairs, community tables that resemble kitchen islands, and a lush outdoor seating space will make any remote worker feel as if they are visiting someone’s home, albeit in a wealthy area. For those who like to eat while they work, customers can grab waffles, waffle sandwiches, salads, and of course the location’s signature coffee and teas. This shop may be the largest location on the list as it also has a full downstairs seating area. Located near community tables and single seat areas are numerous power strips, so remote workers never have to worry about where to plug up. This shop also has a dedicated private lot in the back, so parking should not be much of an issue.

Dancing Goats Coffee Bar

Midtown/Old Fourth Ward

Located near the hustle and bustle of Ponce City Market is Dancing Goats Coffee Bar. While the area is busy, customers can trust that Dancing Goats brings a slower vibe. The ordering area gives the impression that customers are stepping into a small location unfit for work, but once they discover the covered and air-conditioned outdoor seating area, they will welcome the departure from the purely indoor seating option. There a variety of seating options in rocking chairs and couches. Desks are not as plentiful here, but there are a few small tables if guests would like to put their laptop on a surface rather than their lap. Coffee options are plentiful, while customers can also enjoy pastries and Italian sodas. There are outlets, but unfortunately, parking is not abundant here so paying may have to be an option. If you enjoy outdoor seating without the heat, this is a perfect location.

Atlanta has become a haven for remote workers, and coffee shops are stepping up to the challenge to provide a place to grab a quick bite and get work done in peace. So, grab your laptop, to-do lists, and a friend and try out some of these options, or search out more in your area. It is always nice to leave the house to work once in a while.

All photos are courtesy of Yelp.


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