Hiring an intern brings up many variables to consider at your company. Should an intern be hired? Who should be hired? How is the right intern selected? There are significant differences between hiring an intern and regular employee, but there are also similar challenges during this process. Here are several steps that can help you identify and hire the right type of intern for your business.

Define Your Objective

An important primary step of hiring your intern is defining your goal and how the intern will fit into your plans. Internships have a high level of responsibility and accountability. It is best to avoid hiring interns for a short-term project or assignment. Temporary work does not benefit interns, and it may hurt your company’s reputation if you hire interns for short-term assignments. Establish a long-term goal with your team and then determine how an intern can benefit from being a part of your plan, which can lead to a better experience for your business and the intern.

Identify the Right Demographics

Most interns are going to be from the younger demographic. You have to consider where to post your internship ad to attract individuals from this group. Most colleges or universities will have career portals on their websites that list available local internships. You can connect with these schools to have your ad listed on their websites. A job fair is another resource to connect with potential interns. With a job fair, you can meet people face-to-face and assess their qualities on a more direct level.intern

An important thing to consider about hiring students is that they are typically limited in time during the semester. Offering a full-time internship over the summer, especially if it is paid, may lead to higher-quality responses to your ads. In addition, you may find someone you can retain after the internship program by offering them a full-time position.

Identify Good Qualities

Several characteristics distinguish a great intern from an average intern. Some individuals possess skills that can be applied to various roles and fields. Such characteristics include marketing, content creation, communication, analytical skills, and innovation. Regardless of your business niche, someone who excels in these qualities have a good chance of being a valuable contributor to your team.

Some interns have excellent writing skills. One of the most important elements of a solid marketing plan is outstanding text. Great writing also reinforces the value of blog posts, advertisements, and email promotions. As you assess candidates, take note of those who display great writing skills. A skilled writer may also be a creative person with solid communication skills.

internYou may also come across candidates who display good confidence and a charismatic personality. Such individuals can excel in a marketing or sales environment. Successful marketing also involves developing relationships and projecting confidence in the product or service. If you find people who display these qualities, definitely add them to your follow-up list.

The process of finding a high-quality intern involves many steps and questions to answer. The most important elements of finding a great intern are identifying your main objective and connecting your search with the goals you want to accomplish. In addition, carefully identifying your candidate list and highlighting specific qualities can help you narrow your search to the best possible hire. As you start your search for an intern, consider adding these steps into your process.