Six Ways Guest Blogging Can Propel Your Small Business to the Next Level

guest blogging

When it comes to marketing, you are swamped. You are posting on social media, updating your website, and you even have a blog. While these are effective methods of getting your name out there, you are wondering if you can be more intentional with your marketing efforts. Well, there is a way to intelligently promote your business without coming off promotional.

One such way is in the form of guest blogging. This is where you can contribute a blog posting on a topic related to what you do for another website. If done regularly—and with the right people—this can be an excellent way to market your business. Read on for six ways guest blogging can push your small business to greater success.

Shows Your Depth

Guest blogging is a great way to show you are about more than just pushing a product to customers. These days and times, shoppers are not too fond of commercialism. They do not like to feel that companies only care about taking their money. Blogging for another website gives you depth in the customer’s eyes, and tells them you have more to offer than just an ad or push for a sale.

Creates Backlinks

The more links to your website that are posted on the internet, the better! Guest blogging gives you the opportunity to lead people back to your company’s page. This increases the visibility of your site, and it also lifts your domain authority. If you are looking to drive more traffic to your website, guest blogging is an excellent method for doing this.

Allows You to Reach a New Audience

Successful bloggers have carved out a niche audience that enjoys and reads their content. This group is likely one you have not tapped into, so your guest blogging efforts can reach the new audience of who you are guest blogging for. Also, most bloggers allow you to include your social media information. As a result, you can look forward to increasing your social media following.

You Can Sell Without Looking Too Commercial

Instead of using an ad to directly market your product or posting deals and discounts on social media, a guest blog lets you discuss an issue that relates to your product. You can cleverly integrate the promotion of what you offer into a blog post that provides helpful information. It can be a successful way to cultivate your audience, and make them comfortable with your brand. As mentioned above, it adds variety to your marketing approach and shows you can do more than directly push your product.

Creates Allies

Many times, companies are looking for people who would like to guest blog as it diminishes the amount of content they have to produce. Offering to contribute content that aligns with the mission of their blog is a great way to build an alliance. This act can lead to a broader partnership where they share your content on social media and even offer to guest blog for you. It never hurts to have someone else sharing what you do.

Established You as a Thought Leader

When you become a well-known thought leader in your field, many opportunities can open up to allow you to promote your business. Speaking at conferences, attending industry events, participating in webinars, and more chances to write for popular blogs can come your way. As your professional brand increases, so does the visibility of your product. When customers see you as someone that gives them information and resources they need, they are more likely to take a second look at your products.

Final Thoughts

Even though you may know guest blogging can be an asset to your marketing efforts, you probably don’t think you have the time. This is where a content calendar can come in handy. Do not feel like you have to make this a weekly thing from the start. Take time to plan out how you will reach out to bloggers, and focus on cultivating a social media presence to attract attention. See if you can start doing a guest blog once a month, and then go from there. Also, be sure to track your links to see how much traffic you are acquiring from guest blogging. Once you make this a regular part of your marketing plan, this may lead to just as many conversions as more traditional methods of marketing.


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