The Cult of the Customer: Shep Hyken Identifies the Necessary Phases to Turn Your Customers into Evangelists

Many businesses today can agree that placing a focal-point on the customer is imperative for business success and can easily be a core value of a company’s culture. But how can you treat the customer so well that they become evangelists for your business? Our guest today, Shep Hyken, explains the answer within his new book “The Cult of the Customer”. Shep is a New York Times best-selling author and an expert in customer experience.

In his latest book Shep dives into his take on the word “cult’ as it relates to the culture of a customer from both a leader’s perspective as well as a consumer’s. He addresses the five types of cults that customers go through during their process from the first being “The Cult of Uncertainty” to last, “The Cult of Amazement”. Ideally, Amazement is the sweet spot that customers are striving towards whether they may realize it or not, because every consumer wants to be amazed by a company to the point where they go out of their way to understand and familiarize themselves with a company’s product or service.

Hyken also dives into what it is known as “Moments of Magic” that further more cater to a consumer’s overall customer experience. “Anything better than average is a moment of magic“, Hykan states in his interview with Jim Fitzpatrick. “If we can consistently and predictably be even just a little bit above average that’s where the moment of magic is and that’s where amazement comes from.

Check out the interview above to learn more about Shep Hyken and his latest book “The Cult of the Customer”.


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