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I am a certified public accountant (CPA) and business tax expert. My first attempt at business was at age 9 when I started selling ketchup packets to classmates in school. I quickly learned the harsh lessons about cash flow, profits, and keeping more of what I made. Now, my passion is to teach business owners how to manage their business financial life. After completing my master’s degree in accounting and taxation, I worked 11 years helping high-net-worth individuals and corporations to reduce their taxes. Now, I use these same concepts to help small businesses implement money saving strategies that are designed to reduce their taxes and keep more money in their pockets. I can help any business owner to save at least $5K on their taxes. My new record for 2019 is $200K for one business owner. Help me to beat this record! I believe that every business owner should be able to reduce their taxes using the tax loopholes that the IRS allows them to take. I also run a coaching program where I help other tax professionals and CPAs to implement tax planning strategies so that they too can help their clients reduce their taxes.

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