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office apps

The Best Free Office Apps for Editing Documents On The Go

Smartphones have revolutionized the way people work, enabling users to perform many tasks that could previously only be done on computers. Office apps have...

How to Create a Foolproof Invoice in 3 Easy Steps

One of the most frequently used clichés in the world of business is 'Cash flow is king'. Like most clichés - it is absolutely...
remote working

Top 5 Benefits of Remote Working Programs For Employers

Telecommuting, remote working, whatever your preferred term is, it's becoming a global trend. Why? As technology improves and makes the distance between employer and...
CRM- Joomla

Is WordPress the Best CMS? Three Alternatives to Consider

There is a lot of hype about WordPress and how beneficial it is for your website. Just Google it and you will see how...
training staff

How to Train Your Staff

Part of your hiring budget should include training expenses. Untrained staff is a waste of money, and you will spend more effort fixing their...
tax audit

How to Avoid a Tax Audit

While the IRS would like you to believe that a tax audit is simply a chance to review your situation and make sure that...

5 Tips for Exhibiting World Class Leadership

Leadership is a main factor in achieving success. In any business, a great leader must possess an outstanding way of doing things to achieve...
sales call

10 Strategies to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance

Your ability to thrive in a new sales position often hinges upon how quickly you can overcome call reluctance. Fortunately, accomplished sales representatives have...
business growth

5 Powerful Strategies to Grow Your Business

The quest to grow your business should be top of mind. If you don't have growth, you have shrinkage. To avoid losing opportunities and...
SEO trends

Three SEO Trends to Expect in 2018

If you have a business website, then you need to stay on top of the latest search engine optimization (SEO) trends. Google is always...
Paul Whitevideo

How to Set Clear Expectations For Employees – Dr. Paul White

Whether personal or professional, creating expectations can prove to be beneficial and effective for reaching goals, hitting milestones, and setting high standards. However, as...

How to Build Momentum for Business Success and Happiness

Progress is what we all want in our lives to stay consistently happy. With everything you're doing in life and in your business, you...

Eight Tips to Increase Your Product Sales

Even if you have a great product, if your sales strategies are wrong, you will never sell as much as you could. Putting a...
early-stage funding

Nine Early-Stage Metro Atlanta Investors to Add to Your Funding List

In 2018, Atlanta-based startup companies raised $1.13 billion through 115 deals. That's a hefty amount for a Metro area that is still emerging as...
Lesle Kuban & Buzz Franchisingvideo

The Benefits of Starting a Service Based Franchise – Leslie Kuban & Kevin Wilson

Most people's minds go straight to McDonald’s, Dunkin' Donuts or another type of major food chain when the word "franchising” is mentioned to them....