In the early days of any new business, positive press coverage can be a huge boost to both your reputation and to your bottom line. However, it is unlikely that the press will be knocking on your door to write a glowing article about your new company. Instead, you will have to put in some groundwork on your end to get things moving in the right direction. Some of the best steps you can take to receive positive attention from the press would include:

1) Becoming involved in local events

If your city is having a festival or celebration, the local press will almost certainly be there. As such, you need to be there too. Whether that means setting up a booth or sponsoring a competition, you should ensure that your business has a presence at the event. If you are lucky, a member of the press may want to ask you some questions about your business and how you got involved with the event.

2) Creating a press release


The press (much like everyone else) love it when someone else does their job for them. So they are likely to be quite receptive when you email your professionally written press release announcing the launch of your new business. If they choose to pick it up and run it, you will see your business on their website before too long. If they choose not to run it, you can always submit it to an automated press release company for wider distribution – though there will be additional costs associated with this.

3) Volunteering

Volunteering can be a great way to build positive press for your company and do some good for your community in the process. Speak to your local animal shelter or soup kitchen and ask if they would like you and your employees to come and help out for a few hours. Volunteerism and community spirit are always popular with the press, so you can expect your efforts to be picked up by the local publications before too long.

4) Collaborating with other local companies

The press loves to hear about two local companies teaming up to do something interesting or exciting in the community. As such, it is a good idea to find an established company that complements yours and ask to team up with them on a big project. When the project is complete you can present it to the city and press at an event at your offices. By establishing a positive relationship with both the press and your local community, you are setting your company up for success in the best way possible. Though it may not be an easy task at first, it can certainly be worth it in the long run.